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About us

Our attitude to our work with you

It has been more than 20 years since we started working with you, the medical professionals of the Baltic countries. This impressive period of successful cooperation gives us even more confidence and inspiration to continue and to constantly improve our operations.

Our philosophy – which is oriented towards services to treatment facilities and physicians and towards patient health promotion – has allowed us to earn the trust of the professionals of the biggest Baltic health care institutions and of our foreign partners. This helps us constantly improve the quality of our work and set ever-higher standards for ourselves and for our partners.

For our partners

We think big and create long-term value through quality, education, responsibility, trust, and advanced process control.

Our vision

To become a long-term professional partner for health care institutions and physicians by focusing on high-quality services that make our name synonymous not only with the provision of outstanding medical products but also with a reliable partnership and an interest in advanced treatment techniques.

Our mission

To effectively present and deliver reliable and modern treatment methodologies and tools that enable physicians to achieve the best health outcomes for their patients with optimal efforts and costs.

Our company policy

Formedics, UAB supplies medical devices to customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In order to be viable and competitive, we are committed to:

  • Providing service in accordance with the legal acts regulating the industry and other requirements that the organization undertakes to comply with in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015;
  • Analysing market needs and customer preferences, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the implementation of his/her wishes, the quality and professional work of the company’s employees;
  • Raising the qualification and competence of employees, encouraging the employee’s creative initiative. Constantly improving and taking an interest in the latest technologies and solutions in the field of medicine and passing on our knowledge to our customers, thus promoting the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of medicine and improving human health and facilitating their treatment;
  • Collaborating with companies that share our approach to responsibility in fulfilling our responsibilities;
  • Reduce the impact of the activities on the environment by implementing advanced environmental protection factors and applying preventive measures;
  • Continuously improving the performance of the management system, taking into account performance, employee suggestions, customer and partner feedback.

The company verifies compliance with the requirements of management systems ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 during internal and independent external audits. The obtained results are used in the process of management evaluation analysis in the future, making important strategic decisions related to the company’s activities and further development.

The Company’s management regularly reviews, analyses and updates the objectives and policies of the management system to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

The company’s employees are familiar with the management system policy. It is available to all interested parties.


Eimantas Baltušis


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We supply only safe, high-quality, and effective medical products.

These are fundamental principles that we always comply with when choosing which products of our partner-manufacturers to supply. There is no doubt that even manufacturers make mistakes, especially when looking for innovative solutions, but the values of our company are based on a business philosophy that puts responsibility, patient safety and effectiveness first.
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Contracts with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health

At the beginning of 2023, UAB Formedics signed an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health and started to provide an additional service to people covered by compulsory health insurance — issuing reimbursable electronic speech aids.
Important to know:
Electronic speech aids are available to people covered by compulsory health insurance after vocal cord surgery or when there is no other way to restore the voice in the case of oncological disease. An electronic speech aid can be used to produce a voice, thus restoring the ability to speak. Electronic speech aids can adjust the tone, volume, and timbre of the voice.
Electronic speech aids are reimbursed once every five years on referral from doctors. The reimbursement amount is EUR 620.00.

For your information:

  1. Speech aid catalogue. SERVOX digital XL (EN-LT)
  2. Speech aid instruction. SERVOX digital XL (EN-LT)

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