We cannot focus only on our own success or on that of our immediate environment. For various reasons, there are many sensitive issues in the world, and they often cause hatred, discontent, and even violent outbreaks. These often stem from our childhood and adolescence environment and experiences, which form our perception of the world and dictate our actions throughout the rest of our lives.

Our whole team feels the responsibility and the need to contribute to the child care and youth education institutions of Lithuania. We try as much as we can to support such activities, and our support is not limited to financial contributions – we believe that there are many other things that we can share with these children and youth. With our participation we want to give them a belief in kindness and in their own potential to grow up as strong and good people.

Social responsibility

We support sports and responsible future generations

The good news is that Formedics had an opportunity to contribute with a socially responsible event, “Christmas Games.”

The event has already become a cherished tradition that not only develops children’s awareness of sport as a great form of leisure; it encourages preparation and performance throughout the year. The event also develops team spirit, mutual trust, and brings many good emotions before Christmas.

| December 2019

Charity event to support alone and forgotten people

„Formedics” continues its socially responsible activities. On December 14, 2018, the team of „Formedics“ and other biggest Lithuanian companies were participating at the charity event „Maltieciu sriuba.“

Formedics team were giving soup for pedestrians in the city center of Vilnius and were asking for donations for a soup.
Donations are used to support alone and old people to survive through all the year.

| December 2018

The head of the youth Leader club Formedics

The company Formedics continues its socially responsible activity. In October 8, 2017, the head of the company Formedics met the members of the Leader club of Vilnius Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium.

It is a group of initiative and curious students, and it is also a great initiative. During the meeting, the investor and the head of the company Formedics, Vytautas Pranulis, shared his knowledge, insights and advice of how to encourage own creativity, enterprise and abilities of seeking one’s own objectives with the members of the Leader club. Everyone’s responsible contribution to the development of contemporary youth will guarantee a more sustainable future of Lithuania.

| October 2017

Social project “Happy children = children around us”

We support the painters brothers Algirdas and Remigijus Gataveckai social mind: abandoned children do not need plushy love, what they do need is family and loving people.

So by our direct labor and resources, we contributed and helped to implement the social art work on the house wall in Vilnius. Inspired by a noble purpose and successful realization of the idea, we will continue implementation of such initiatives.

We hope it will inspire you for a good works too.
| August 2016

Support for a scholarship fund for socially disadvantaged youth

For us it is important that young and talented people be able to acquire a proper education and build their future. Therefore, we have provided support for young people from poor families to study at ISM University. One of the recipients of a social scholarship thanked us in the following words: “You have given me an opportunity to become part of the ISM community. The dreams of people like me can come true thanks to people like you.” This thank-you note motivated our company to grow and develop even more so that we can continue providing help where there is a real need.
| December 2015